Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winkflash Photo Books

Hey there everyone! Are you all ready for Christmas? I've got a lot of wrapping to do, but we finished our shopping on Monday!!!! Where we live there aren't a whole lot of options so it's kind of a "trek" to go do any shopping (Christmas or not!!!) Anyway, in some of my online shopping I've discovered these new photobooks. They are from a place called "Winkflash" and they are SO reasonably priced! They offer 3 different sizes and a variety of cover colors. You can't customize your cover like you can in "Shutterfly" but that's okay with me for the price! When I very first started digiscrapping I ordered a 9x12 book from Winkflash and it seemed to be great quality. The only reason I changed to Shutterfly was because I wanted the square size, but now Winkflash has them!!!!

As with most online photo centers, to create an account is free, so go sign up and check it out! It'll be worth your time!!

Happy Scrapping!


RhondaH said...

Les, I emailed them about the 8x8 template being a weird size, they said that as long as you send it as a 1:1 ratio that it will work. I just saved mine all as 8x8 so they would still be good enough quality but not so big that it took so long to upload. Just thought you might want to know.

The Golden Girls said...

Thanks a ton! I e-mailed them too, but hadn't heard back yet!