Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valenties Day Cookie Suckers

Just wanted to share these cute little cookie suckers I made with my kids yesterday!

To make them, you just use your normal sugar cookie recipe, divide the dough and color it different colors. Then after it's chilled, you make "snakes" as my kids call them, and coil them up! You can mix colors, twist colors, or just leave them plain! I like to roll sprinkles into mine to give them a little "sparkle"! Insert your sucker sticks, and bake!!! Super easy and the kids had a did I! :)

ENJOY!!! And Happy Valentines Day!!

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Shantell said...

Yummy! I made these for Christmas this year. I flavored them with peppermint and colored on part red and left the other part plain. They were super easy and yummy. I must say those yours turned out way better then mine.