Sunday, December 20, 2009


So, Landon (my 5 year old) has put himself in charge of updating our cute little countdown every day, it's a job he's very excited about and takes seriously. He's made sure we all know how many days are left!! (I'm ready, are you??)  Well, this morning he jumped up on the counter to switch it and says "Mom, there's no 5 on this one." I looked, and sure enough, I made a boo-boo! I've posted a link here to the updated block and I GREATLY appologize! The 6 and 9 are now interchangeable, with an added 0.

Download HERE.

Merry Christmas!!
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Kami Jo said...

Thanks so much for the update!!!! I was thinking about just printing out another copy and attaching to wooden blocks, mod-podging, and distressing them.
Thanks again!!!!!