Monday, April 28, 2008


As we're sure you've probably noticed, we've upgraded the website!!!!! We are now pleased to offer you a full service SHOPPING CART!!! HOORAY! This has been a long time coming and are so excited we can hardly stand it! We were going to wait until May 1st, and start the month off with a HUGE bang (fun stuff coming for National Scrapbook Day!) but we got the site all finished and just couldn't wait any longer! So to celebrate...we're going to have a contest...see who can fill their shopping cart the fullest...J/K! (although you're MORE than welcome to if you like! ;) Well, that's about it...have fun browsing around!

Until next time...Happy Scrapping!
The Golden Girls


Stacy said...

WOW the website is great. You have come a long way.

Turnidge Family said...

Congrats! That is wonderful!!! :)