Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CUTE project!!!

Just thought I'd share the cute job chart I made for my little boy! One of our CT girls (Brooke) made them for her kids and was kind enough to create a template and share it with everyone on her blog!!! You can pick it up here. Anyway, here is my finished product and he is SO excited! The size is 12x18 and I'm going to have it printed at Costco and laminated, that way he can use a dry erase marker to mark off each day he completes one of his jobs!

Almost everything is from various kits from Peppermint Creative. The stitching is from our "Pumpkin Patch" kit and the frames are coming next month!!!!

Also, if you want your handwriting made into a font, we need to have it no later than the 20th. We've got some fun ones and can't wait to share them with you!!!!

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!

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